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Our Vision

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.

— Jonathan Swift

The vision of the VISISCREEN® brand is to help make as many men, women and children as safe and comfortable in their home and work environments as possible.  We envision a world where people move about their living and working spaces not having to worry about common accidents caused by structural and material elements like doors and room dividers.

In this world, people are protected against diseases related to insects and other pests. They can let fresh air in while keeping annoying and potentially dangerous pests out — without sacrificing their views to the outside.

We are driven to help shape the future of safety and comfort in living and working spaces across the globe.

Our Mission

Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

— Dr. Albert Szent – György

The mission of the VISISCREEN® brand is to create innovative solutions to the hard-to-solve, common problems in peoples’ home and workplace environments.  We’re a company that thinks about things others don’t think about.  Specifically, we are committed to eliminating safety issues associated with conventional entry doors.  Unfortunately, people (and pets) often walk into or through these doors because they can’t see they are closed.  This often results in potentially costly injury to person and/or property.  At a minimum, it’s downright embarrassing.

We’ve identified the science behind this problem and worked very hard to develop a patented solution to solve it.  We strive to pay respect to the most essential features of product development — performance and affordability — without sacrificing aesthetics.  We understand that imaginative design depends on the relationship between material development and emerging technologies.  This is the philosophy that drives our daily efforts.