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Cool™ Series Retractable Screen Door

Product Description


The Cool Series retractable screen door system by Genius, with only 5 components, installs in less than an hour using only a power screw driver and your capable hands. And because it’s a stock item, it ships in 1-2 business days so you can start enjoying the fresh air without the bugs right away.

Easy. Elegant. Enduring.



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COOL™ retractable screen doors install on standard 32″ to 36″ wide x 78″, 80″ or 96″ high in-swing or out-swing entry doors. It is smartly designed with ease of installation in mind. No metal cutting is required and only a power screwdriver is needed to install five components in less than an hour. Available in White, Sandstone, Brown or Black (sliding door in white only).
COOL™ Retractable Screen Doors from Genius® offer homeowners a fresh approach to traditional screens doors. Like hinged screen doors, COOL allows fresh air to circulate into the home, but without all the banging and slamming hassles of a traditional hinged screen door. COOL’s full-view screen also fully retracts when not in use so it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Quick-snap track requires no cutting (standard sizes)
  • Durable rust-free aluminum housing and track
  • EZ-Glide System™ for steady and smooth operation
  • Subtle safety stripes provide faint visual cues to help prevent walk-throughs
  • Ergonomically designed latch/lock handle offers simple and secure one-hand operation
  • Models for single, double and sliding doors
  • Install it yourself in less than an hour


NOTE: * The COOL™ Retractable Door Screen is a face (surface) mounted product.
** The COOL™ Retractable Door Screen for Sliding Patio Doors screen cassette height is sized and mounts differently than a screen for the single hinged doors. This model uses brackets that are approximately 1” in height and adjustable up and down to accommodate the fit.
*** Genius Retractable Screens provide insect protection and support fresh, natural ventilation in low-wind conditions. Unlike 4-sided rigid framed screens, Genius Retractable Screens move in and out of a protective cassette and the exposed surface area and edges of the fabric are flexible. Consequently, the wind speed that a retractable screen can withstand (e.g. before the edges of the screen fabric may push out of the guide rails), will depend on the width and height of the opening, the openness factor of the specific screen fabric and, other design factors of the model. Before retracting the screen check to see that the edges of the screen fabric are riding completely inside the vertical guide rails. If necessary, use your fingers or a soft smooth instrument to push the edges of the fabric inside the guide rails before retracting the screen.

In English, Spanish and French

In English, Spanish and French

In English, Spanish and French


Sizing and Application Reference Chart


NOTE: * 2 Cuts required if less than 32” for single doors and 68” for double doors.
** Door designs and thresholds vary. It may be possible to position the screen upwards or downwards to fit an opening size not listed. In such cases, a filler board or trim may need to be applied. Doors with transoms above the door may also require a filler board or trim before or after installing the screen. Always ensure the bottom of the screen is firmly supported.
*** The version for sliding patio doors will fit all traditional 6’8” tall sliders. The sliding patio door version features slightly different mounting hardware and has a slightly shorter cassette so that the system will be able to rest in the opening as needed.

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