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Double Door Retractable Screen Kit



The easy resizable kit comes in two sizes:

  1. A maximum 72-inch width and 84-inch height
  2. A maximum 72-inch width and 100-inch height

Both size kits can be cut down to fit smaller openings if needed. The system has two retractable screen cassettes that mount on either side of the door opening. You can also manage entry and exit through either of the two door openings via the locking mechanism provided with each cassette panel. The VS1 Series double door retractable screen features superior gliding using low friction technology.  Also standard are a full-length magnetic seal and cast metal ergonomic, adjustable handles. A patented speed reducer assures controlled retraction. VISISCREEN safety screen mesh comes factory installed. VISISCREEN‘s patented visual marker is woven vertically into the mesh to alert you as you approach under all light levels. At a safe distance (10+ feet) the marker will disappear to maintain your view.

How to Order

Before you order, you’ll need to measure the net opening of your doorway. Use this measuring guide to help you determine which size kit you need. You can also get personalized assistance with the measuring process by submitting a cell phone photo of your installation opening hereNOTE: For sliding door installations, use this measuring guide.

Next, simply use the pulldown menus to select your size, frame color and threshold options (See Threshold Transitions in the Description section below).


No additional shipping charge for transition kits when added to your order.
No additional shipping charge for sill wedge shims when added to your order.



The VISISCREEN  VS1 double door retractable screen kit provides a safeguard against common accidents like screen door walk-throughs, as well as insects and other pests. It supports fresh, natural ventilation and retracts out-of-sight when not in use to enhance your viewing pleasure. The system features superior gliding operation using low friction technology, a full-length magnetic seal, cast metal ergonomic and adjustable handles, a patented speed reducer for controlled retraction and VISISCREEN safety screen mesh. VISISCREEN is the patented screen mesh with a visible, vertical marker intended to alert the user and avoid accidental contact of the screen when it is closed. The product is available in many aluminum frame colors and is an easy re-sizable system utilizing simple tools. The VISISCREEN  double door retractable screen kit offers world-class safety, performance, durability and curb appeal.

  • Retractable screen system is easy to install and operate
  • Easily resizable to fit openings 48 to 72 inches wide and up to 100 inches height
  • Designed to withstand prolonged exterior exposure
  • Allows for installation on either the exterior or interior of the door
  • Speed reducer (brake) provides safe and controlled retraction
  • Full length magnetic door seal
  • Superior operation using low friction technology
  • Dual locking mechanism to manage exit and entry through either panel
  • Charcoal screen mesh color
  • Hardware is provided for both surface mount and recess mount applications
  • 0.011 in. thick, low maintenance vinyl coated fiberglass charcoal colored
  • Screen marker remains invisible at safe distances, but becomes apparent as you approach it
  • Users of all sizes are alerted that the screen is closed

Threshold Transitions

Threshold Transition Kit

The bottom guide rail is roughly 1/2 inch in height and can catch bare feet and small wheeled items. So for flat threshold installations, we recommended adding an optional Threshold Transition Kit to your order. The Threshold Transition Kit creates a protective ramped surface between the floor guide rail and the floor for safe and seamless entry and exit. Both the narrow (5/8″ depth) and the medium (1-5/16″ depth) kits include 2 threshold transitions plus the decorative end caps. You get 2 so that, if desired, you can install one on each side of the bottom guide rail. Order the 40-inch long kit for single doors.

Sloped Sill Wedge Shims

For sloped threshold installations, we recommended adding optional Sloped Sill Wedge Shims to your order. The Sill Wedge Shims help protect the bottom guide rail and create a safe, smoother finish to your installation. The shims can be used with or without a threshold transition kit.

*If ordered at the same time as your retractable screen there is no additional shipping charge for the Threshold Transition Kit or Sloped Sill Wedge Shims.

Please note: When measuring your net screen opening, we recommended you deduct 1/16th inch from the height of your net opening when using a threshold transition.

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