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VISISCREEN® Replacement Screen Mesh Kit 4x7 Foot

5.00 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)

Product Description

new-lower-priceVISISCREEN Premium Replacement Screen Door Insect Screen Mesh | Prevents Screen Door Accidents | Easy to Install | Keeps Mosquitoes and Other Bugs Out | Charcoal 48 inch x 84 inch.

Replacement screen mesh for a 4’ door width or smaller and 7’ door height or smaller.



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Replacement screen mesh – 4 x 7 foot kit

VISISCREEN® is the first replacement screen mesh product that helps prevent screen door accidents from occurring, without compromising visibility. The patented design is a density marker woven in to the screen mesh. It uses re-directed light to alert the user as they approach the opening, yet the marker blends into the screen mesh at a distance.

  • Replacement safety insect mesh with patented, visible screen marker for patio, porch and deck screen doors
  • For use in all screen door applications
  • Easy to install with instructions inside package and/or a simple QR code link to our installation video on outside of package
  • 0.011 in. Thick, low maintenance vinyl coated fiberglass charcoal colored
  • Remains invisible at safe distances, but becomes apparent as you approach it
  • Smarter design prevents common accidents and makes your home safer
  • Patented density marker
  • Charcoal colored
  • 48 in. x 84 in. Screen door mesh, oversized, simply trim after installation for your specific needs
  • Safety marker is aligned vertically to support users at all heights and sizes

2 reviews for VISISCREEN® Replacement Screen Mesh Kit 4×7 Foot

  1. 5 out of 5

    MikeLikesIt – Home Depot Customer

    I needed to replace my screen in on the sliding glass door due to my dog decided she want in so she chew a whole in the screen to get in the house. So I needed to replace. I choose this one for the VisiScreen when there is a density marker woven pattern (2″ wide) on both sides of the screen so your eyes will notice the difference. I don’t know how many people was walking out of the sliding door only to find out the screen was closed, thus running to the screen knocking off their glasses. With this screen that should not happen, Your eyes will catch the difference.

    The instruction was simple and easy to follow if you haven’t done it before. My suggestion is to replace the spline (the rubber piece that holds the screen in the frame). If you had the screen a long time the spline gets dried out and stretched and it harder to put back in. Buy a new one, it will make your life easier. Over all I am very please with the results.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Jeanne – Home Depot Customer

    I just finished replacing the screen fabric in my patio door slider. The project took less than an hour, and that includes removing the old spline and fabric. This fabric is super easy to work with and the safety stripes weren’t really necessary for me, but they do look kind of cool. I’m just disappointed the stripes were spaced so I had a substantial amount of waste on either side of the fabric, because my door is only 30″ wide. Other than that I love it! FYI, if you get this in the mail beware your mail carrier will probably fold it up to fit it into your mailbox. When I saw that I was livid!! Fortunately, the fabric didn’t wrinkle permanently.

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