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VISISCREEN® Replacement Screen Mesh Kit 3×7 Foot


Replacement screen mesh for a 3’ door width or smaller and 7’ door height or smaller. Shipped via USPS.


Replacement screen mesh kit – 3 x 7 foot

VISISCREEN® replacement screen mesh kit is the first product that helps prevent screen door accidents from occurring, without compromising visibility. The patented design is a density marker woven in to the screen mesh. It uses re-directed light to alert the user as they approach the opening, yet the marker blends into the screen mesh at a distance.

  • Replacement safety insect mesh with patented, visible screen marker for patio, porch and deck screen doors
  • For use in all screen door applications
  • Easy to install with instructions inside package and/or a simple QR code link to our installation video on outside of package
  • 0.011 in. Thick, low maintenance vinyl coated fiberglass charcoal colored
  • Remains invisible at safe distances, but becomes apparent as you approach it
  • Smarter design prevents common accidents and makes your home safer
  • Patented density marker
  • Charcoal colored
  • 36 in. x 84 in. Screen door mesh, oversized, simply trim after installation for your specific needs
  • Safety marker is aligned vertically to support users at all heights and sizes


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