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We’ve provided this section to help answer our customers’ most Frequently Asked Questions.

Should I add Sloped Sill Wedge Shims to my retractable screen door order?2019-03-10T18:24:15-05:00
About Sloped Sill Wedge Shims

For sloped threshold installations, we do recommended adding optional Sloped Sill Wedge Shims to your order. The Sill Wedge Shims help protect the bottom guide rail and create a safe, smoother finish to your installation. The shims can be used with or without a threshold transition kit.

When ordering your retractable screen door, select the appropriate sloped sill wedge shim option from the pull down menu on the product page as shown below.


*If ordered at the same time as your retractable screen there is no additional shipping charge for the Sloped Sill Wedge Shims.

How to determine if I need to order a threshold transition kit2018-08-23T17:28:36-05:00

The bottom guide rail of all our retractable screen doors is roughly 1/2 inch in height and can catch bare feet and small wheeled items. such as baby carriages, etc. So for flat threshold installations, we recommended adding an optional Threshold Transition Kit to your order. The Threshold Transition Kit creates a protective ramped surface between the floor guide rail and the floor for safe and seamless entry and exit. Both the narrow (5/8″ depth) and the medium (1-5/16″ depth) kits include 2 threshold transitions plus the decorative end caps. You get 2 so that, if desired, you can install one on each side of the bottom guide rail. Order the 40-inch long kit for single doors; order the 72-inch long kit for double doors.

Download this guide for installation options.

*If ordered at the same time as your retractable screen there is no additional shipping charge for the Threshold Transition Kit.

How can I get additional support from VISISCREEN to accurately determine the width and height of my door opening?2017-11-15T19:26:05-06:00

We’re glad you asked! We’ve made it super easy for you to send us a cell phone picture of your installation opening. Get personalized installation assistance here.



How is VISISCREEN different from other screen mesh?2017-09-21T16:22:28-05:00

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

This video explains why VISISCREEN is the ultimate screen door solution.

How to Adjust Spring Tension in VS1 Series Retractable Screens2017-08-05T19:36:38-05:00

To adjust the spring tension of your VS1 Series retractable screen door, read through and follow the instructions in this guide.

Can VS1 Series Retractable Screens Replace the Door in My Screen Porch?2017-06-21T04:25:22-05:00

Yes. While the VS1 Series retractable screen is designed primarily for use in swinging screen door or sliding screen door openings, they can be installed in any opening with a frame to attach the components to.

What should I do if my screen does not retract?2017-06-08T18:24:35-05:00

Be sure to clean any debris from inside the bottom guide; this typically solves the issue.  If not, check the top and bottom guides for screws that may not have been driven flush into the guides, causing the screen to drag.  Occasionally a door or opening can also settle and cause the screen pull bar to drag inside the guide rails during operation.  If needed, the aluminum pull bar can be trimmed down or, the door opening can be adjusted to once again be made square and level.  Download a complete list of troubleshooting solutions.

Can I adjust my screen so that it doesn’t blow out or push away from the top or bottom guides?2017-06-08T18:21:23-05:00

To prevent damage to the screen, it is intentionally designed to expand and blow out of the top and/or bottom guides in heavy winds or when pushed upon.  To reset the screen into the guides, slowly operate the screen while making sure to help direct the fabric into the top and bottom guides, and the screen should be reset.  We recommend that the screen be always retracted during heavy winds.

How do I release the magnets when retracting the screen?2017-06-08T18:16:50-05:00

To release the magnets, gently pull the handle directly toward your body; this will create a zipper effect which slightly separates and releases the magnets at the center point.  Now just let go of the handle and allow the screen to retract by itself.  Do not push the screen closed (back into the cassette).  Remember, this screen features a safety speed reducer that regulates how fast the screen will retract.  Pushing on the pull bar may cause it to jump out of the tracks or the screen fabric to leave the guides.  Simply let go and allow the screen to do the work. 

Will the screen ever snap back and pinch my fingers?2017-06-08T18:14:31-05:00

Never.  Our screens include a special safety feature known as a speed reducer (Brake), and it controls the retraction speed in order to protect fingers from getting pinched.  Simply release the handle and allow the screen to gently retract on its own.  

How do I clean my retractable screen door?2017-06-08T18:10:00-05:00

Keep the guides clear of debris.  To clean the screen fabric, wipe it down with soft cloth and mild, soapy water and then lightly rinse. Allow the screen mesh dry before closing/retracting.

Is it possible to lock one screen in position, so that only one screen retracts?2017-06-08T18:04:42-05:00

Yes. VISISCREEN VS1 Series retractable screen door kits come with 2 locks that slide into the pull bars. You can use the locks on either side as well as on the top or the bottom of the pull bar.

My patio doors swing outwards. Can I install the VS1 Series retractable screens on the inside?2017-06-08T20:30:02-05:00

Yes. By design, VISISCREEN retractable screen doors can be installed inside or on top of the brick mold or trim of your door (on the opposite side of the out swing of your door).

How do I return or exchange products purchased from your website?2017-06-08T18:05:15-05:00

We accept requests for returns and exchanges for a period of 30 days from the order completion date (the date you receive your order). You must complete and submit a Return Authorization Request and get approval and a RMA code from Aedes Technologies before taking any further action. Review our Returns and Exchange Policy and access the required form here.

When will my retractable screen door arrive?2017-06-08T18:05:26-05:00

VISISCREEN  VS 1 Retractable Screen Doors are individually assembled as the orders come in. The turnaround time is typically 10-14 business days. Once your order is boxed and shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number and an expected delivery date.

Can I order a retractable screen door cut to size?2017-06-08T18:05:36-05:00

Yes you can! Both the VS1 standard entry (single cassette) and French door (double cassette) retractable screens can be easily ordered cut-to-size on our website. Before placing your order, read this guide for instructions on how to measure your net screen opening. Then place your custom-fitted order here.

Choosing the Right Screen Mesh for Your Screen Door Project2017-06-08T18:05:51-05:00

Whether you are remodeling and putting in new screen doors or repairing your current doors, there are so many screen mesh options on the market today — choosing the right screen mesh for your project can be overwhelming.

Read this How-To article. which includes a checklist of critical questions to consider.

How do I set up a wholesale account?2017-06-08T18:06:09-05:00

Everything you need to apply for a wholesale account with Aedes Technologies can be found on the wholesale page of our site. Read through the criteria to make sure your business qualifies, and then follow the link to complete and submit the application form.

How do I install the VS1 retractable screen door?2017-06-08T18:06:18-05:00

We’re glad you asked. To assist you in installing your VS1 retractable screen door series product, we’ve provided step-by-step DIY guides. Watch the installation video. You can also download screen resolution and print quality versions via the links below.  *If you intend on printing the guide, please be aware it is 19 pages long.


How is VISISCREEN® different from other screen mesh products?2017-06-08T18:06:52-05:00

Traditional vinyl-coated fiberglass screen door meshes do a good job of keeping insects out, as long as the mesh remains in tact. The problem is they typically do NOT remain in tact. Screen door accidents such as walk-throughs are common occurrences in homes and places of business (hotels, motels, resorts, etc.). That’s because traditional screen mesh products are too invisible, especially when people are distracted due to Inattentional Blindness a/k/a Perceptual Blindness.

Enter VISISCREEN®… Only VISISCREEN® has a patented, visible vertical marker woven into the mesh. The marker subtly alerts the user of its presence without compromising the highest level of visibility and light. The result is that the screen remains “invisible” at safe distances but becomes apparent as you approach it, preventing common accidents like screen door walk-throughs. We like to say VISISCREEN® minimizes liability, while maximizing visibility. “See it when you need to – don’t lose your view!” 

Learn how VISISCREEN® was invented.

Watch this video clip to see how the “Visi marker” works.

Who can purchase VISISCREEN®?2017-01-10T16:34:52-06:00

Everyone! We sell to end users, homeowners, contractors, businesses, schools, hotels, property management companies and just about anyone you can think of. We currently ship all over the US. If ordering outside the US, please contact us.

Where do I align the marker during installation?2019-03-10T18:26:05-05:00

The marker should be aligned approximately 12-15 inches from the handle.  This is roughly the center of the eyes when a person walks through the patio door opening. The patented visible marker is woven vertically into the mesh. This makes it easily visible at close proximity by anyone no matter their height.

Figures 1 & 2 below show the optimal marker alignment positions for the 3-foot and 4-foot widths respectively.


Figure 1 – Recommended marker position for 3-ft. width






Figure 2 – Recommended marker position for 4-ft. width

Are there standard door screen sizes?2019-03-10T18:32:28-05:00

We offer VISISCREEN in 3 widths:

*Also available in 3 and 4 foot wide bulk rolls (100, 300 and 600 feet lengths).

Check out our new DECA personalized screen options in 4-ft wide single roll and bulk rolls.

What type of screen material is VISISCREEN®?2017-06-08T18:07:24-05:00

VISISCREEN® is vinyl coated fiberglass with a standard screen mesh opening measurement of 18 x 16.

Do we sell partial rolls of screen material?2017-06-08T18:07:33-05:00